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Media Buying 



Complete Media Buying Services for Television, Radio and Per Inquiry

Through our media partners we are able to present unbeatable discounts and a tremendous supply of unbeatable rates on remnant & other media locally, regionally, and nationally.


• Let us develop a total marketing plan for Television, Radio and Web.

• Some Projects available on a per acquisition, per call or per lead basis



Put Your Product In the Spotlight:

•  Media planning & research to target you're the best networks, regions and demographics.

•  GVP can place your long form infomercial media on 98 cable networks.

•  GVP  place half hour infomercial media on DISH, Direct TV Cable & Broadcast

•  GVP  places thirty minute infomercials in over 200 local USA broadcast markets.

•  GVP provides long form infomercial media on a per inquiry basis.

•  We provide the lowest rates to reach your allowable cost per order.

•  We assist our clients with media funding after successful testing.

•  Nationwide budgets start at $5,500 per week.

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