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Direct Response and Brand Entertainment



GVP Digital Media is a full service infomercial production company and direct response marketing agency. Our hard-hitting direct response campaigns have demonstrated strong return on investment while simultaneously strengthening our clients’ brand. Our leadership offers years of experience and expertise. We bring internet marketing, e-commerce television -- with a focus on new digital media. GVP gives brands a human voice and face.


Through our brand entertainment productions we maintain our mission to entertain, educate and engage viewers through solution oriented content. Companies that partner with us gain valuable brand exposure and position their products for market objectives.


Branded Entertainment is a growing form of marketing. It is clear that the future of Advertising is different from the traditional interruptive advertising model, and producers probe relentlessly for ways to slip advertising inside programs, because old-fashioned advertising increasingly gets screened out by the owners of digital video recorders. That’s why we believe that Brand Entertainment is a logical extension of Brand Integration and Product Placement strategies into TV programs, while entertaining, educating and engaging viewers with the solution.

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