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Production Requirements For Your Digital Commercial 

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Below is what we need to get started on your Digital Commercial.

 Company logo (.png file with transparent background preferred)


 Company  website address.

Any relevant images or footage you have available - whatever you feel is relevant  (images will be on an average of three to five seconds each so try to narrow down to the best 10 images or less)

Roughly five bullet points of what you want to say to potential clients outside of contact info services offered, years in the business, call to action etc.


 Please Note: The higher the resolution, the better.

We also have access to stock footage, so please let us know what kind of imagery you think would best convey your message to the target audience. Between the visuals and your direction on verbiage, we should have everything we need to get started and we can adjust from there.


 Please email this information to

 Thank you so much and looking forward to working on your Digital Ad. 


If you have any questions, please email

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