Barbara Bush

Owner, BK Marketing Group

Direct Response and Brand Entertainment


Harry Oates, President of GVP Digital Media and Barbara Bush, President of BK Marketing have been working together for over 25 years in the Direct Response Business.



Barbara Bush

Owner, BK Marketing Group

I leveraged my extensive complex sales experience from owning hair salons and spas to launch my company in 1992 to 2017.

BK Marketing is a vendor rep firm focused on business development with the TV shopping channels (DRT).


We're experts in working with QVC, HSN and SHOPNBC in getting products on air and making the most of the opportunity to sell there.


Each portion of my career focused on phases of the product development lifecycle including design collaboration, engineering-to-manufacturing, logistics and information management.


I understand the issues of bringing a product to market and assist my clients in working through DRT's (QVC, HSN & SHOPNBC) complex environment.


My experience owning high end salons and spas and inventing a product that launched me into the DRT world and lead me to QVC and the complex issues you might have in manufacturing and every phase you would have with working with new products and new business for DRT. This was an eye opening experience that gave me the challenge and I was well suited to working through the issues that can challenge vendors from trying

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